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howtogetbackwithmyexWelcome to the “How to Get Back with My Ex” website. If you‘ve recently broken up with your ex, chances are you’re feeling pretty miserable right now and are here because you want help in getting them back. Many people go through a breakup at some point, and whilst some decide that the breakup is for the best and move on, others still love their ex and want them back. The information here provides some tips to get your ex back if you’re in the second category. To discover for free the no.1 thing you can do right now to maximise your chances of getting your ex back, take a look at the video at the bottom of the page.

If you recently broke up and are trying to figure out “how to get back with my ex”, I can empathise, as we’ve all been there (myself included).  Although I do not know your personal circumstances and exactly what you’re going through, I know it hurts! Breaking up is a painful process which countless couples experience everyday. However, no matter how hopeless things may seem at the moment, the vast majority of break ups can be fixed with time, effort and the right psychological approach.

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Some Tips to Get Your Ex Back

Initially, it’s important to spend some time reflecting on the relationship and what went wrong. Before you can tackle the problem of “how to get back with my ex”? it may first be helpful to understand why you’ve split up – things rarely go sour without good reason. Although it’s often the case that both partners have a part to play in a relationship breakdown, be honest with yourself and think about your contribution to things. This will enable you to assess what your strengths and weaknesses were in the relationship. Having done this, you should have more idea about what you were doing right, and more importantly, what you were doing wrong!

Considering your own needs can be very difficult when you have just split up, as it’s all too easy to spend most of your time thinking “how to get back with my ex“? and mulling over what you could or should have done differently. However, being kind to yourself and spending time doing things you enjoy can be one of the best things to do at this stage. It will show your ex that you’re doing well without them around.

Take some “me time” doing things you enjoy, or try out new activities, maybe a sport or that language class you’d been putting off. As well as being good for your self-esteem, this period gives your ex the chance to actually miss you and think that perhaps they want you back after all. Spending a little time on improving your lifestyle and appearance will not do any harm at this stage either. If your girlfriend comes back to you, you want it to be an easy decision for her. The more attractive and positive you seem, the more chance there is that she’ll reconsider her position and want to get back together with you.

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Five Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Get Your Ex Back..

  • AVOID: Repeatedly contacting your ex. Constantly sending texts or calling them is only likely to annoy them and push them away. In particular, avoid the temptation to call them after you’ve had a drink or two. Alcohol can seriously affect your judgement and this is very likely to make matters worse still!
  • AVOID: begging them to take you back. You will appear needy and desperate, which they will not perceive as attractive qualities!
  • AVOID: trying to convince them you are the love of their life. After a breakup, your ex, like yourself, will be feeling pretty emotional. At this stage, your efforts to connect with the logical, rational side of their mind and explain the all the reasons you should stay together are unlikely to be succesful.
  • AVOID: Attempting to buy you way back into their affections. Trying to flatter your ex or ingratiate yourself with them in this way won’t address the underlying problems that led to the breakup. Save the gifts for when you get back together!
  • AVOID: Trying to get your ex jealous in the belief this will get them back in you arms. Whilst seeing you flirting with another person will get their attention, it probably won’t be the right kind of attention and may well be taken as a sign that you have “moved on” from the relationship Furthermore, if you do get back together, it may well lead to them wondering if they can really trust you.

If you’ve decided that getting back together with your ex is the right thing for you, do try to avoid these types of behaviour. If you’ve already done one (or more!) of these things, DON’T PANIC! It may well still be possible to get back together. Whatever your situation, if you need further help, read on to discover the pros and cons of three of the best-selling online guides to getting an ex back. Like many things in life, it helps to have a plan. My highest rated guide is no.3.

Guides to Getting Your Ex Back


No.1: The first guide is called Win Back Love by Annalyn Caras. This is an ebook that you can order online and get instant access to. Just download it in PDF format and start reading through it immediately. It is a very detailed guide that includes many topics to help you get back with your ex.

These are just a few of the topics covered inside: how to get your ex to initiate contact with you, how to get your ex to appreciate you without saying a word, 10 different ways to re-attract your lover, and a detailed 7 step plan to help you get your ex back in 21 days or less.

Overall, this is a pretty detailed guide and also comes with 3 bonus ebooks that will also help you.
Win Back Love is $47.

ex back systemNo.2: The “Ex Back System” is the second option – it’s probably the most comprehensive guide available online. Whilst the majority of “how to get your ex back” guides are basically comprise an e-book, the “Ex Back System” goes further. It includes audio files, the e-book itself, as well as a series of videos offering a complete, step-by-step “walk-through” of what you should say and do. There is also a checklist/workbook and templates for letters you can write to your ex. The “Ex Back System” is rapidly increasing in popularity because of its attention to detail and methodical approach to rescuing your relationship. The silver membership option is $47, whilst the $97 platinum package includes personal, custom-tailored coaching and support.

No. 3: The Magic of Making Up is the best-selling online guide and has so far helped over 50,000 people rescue their relationships.

The Magic of Making Up is written by the well-known T.W. Jackson or “T Dub”, a down-to-earth, “real-world” expert on relationships. His practical, no-nonsense approach has been helping couples in trouble for some years.

Whilst this guide is an ebook and doesn’t include videos like the previous guide, it’s very well-written, easy to read and packed with invaluable information. This guide has demonstrated consistent success in getting couples back together over a long period of time. It offers a complete, step-by-step approach to getting your ex back, whether you have broken up very recently or separated for some time.

Best of all, this is the one of the least expensive guides available at $39, and you can still get personal help via a special contact address for customers only.

There are a couple of free videos available on his website thay you may find really helpful if you’re currently going through a breakup. He takes you step-by-step through what happens in this situation and shows you exactly what you can do to rescue things!

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